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Lake Wedowee Dock Lifeguard Systems

Aluminum wiring replacement

The Dock Lifeguard electricity detection system is an important part of your family’s safety on or around your boat dock.

Dock Lifeguard will continuously monitor for electricity around and on your dock and will display a warning strobe and audible alarm to warn you of trouble.

It is imperative that you make Dock Lifeguard a part of your dock safety program. With proper installation and use, Dock Lifeguard should provide you with years of dependable service and more importantly, peace of mind. Knowing that your friends and loved ones are safe in and around your dock is paramount.

Below is a great video showcasing how the Dock Lifeguard system works...

Dock Lifeguard has a radius range of approximately 40’. It is recommended that the Dock Lifeguard be centrally located with ease of view to ensure proper coverage of your dock. For commercial or oversized residential docks, it is recommended that multiple units be installed on the dock, keeping maximum distance between detectors to under 80’. Placement near under water bracing and anchor winch cabling should try be avoided, as stray electricity will find the easiest way to ground and these items may shield the probe from sensing the stray voltage.

G&H Alabama can help you with your complete Dock Lifeguard installation. We are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have and make sure you have the best protection possible.

To learn more about the Dock Lifeguard electricity system, give our technicians a call today!

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We provide Dock Lifeguard system installation in Lake Wedowee and in any water in the following towns in Alabama:

Wildwood, AL | Hollis Crossroads, AL | Delta, AL | Barfield, AL | Helfin, AL | Ava, AL | Millerville, AL | Cragford, AL | Ranburne, AL | Ashland, AL | Talladega, AL | Rock Mills, AL | Goldville, AL | Wadley, AL | Daviston, AL | Malone, AL | New Site, AL | Anniston, AL | Woodland, AL | Graham, AL | Roanoke, AL | Lineville, AL | Oxford, AL

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